Our Services

We offer quality for all of your commercial and Server Room design needs. Sky IT Infratech is your complete architectural designing source offering Server Room designs; commercial interior designs; floor planning; server room renovation and modification custom plans and several other architectural contract and data Center turnkey projects. We strive to execute the best piece of work for our esteemed clients.

In these years of hard work, many rough roads have been successfully tread resulting in a mine of rich experience in technical and marketing fields.

Some Of Our Products/Services are Listed as below:

Data Center Infrastructure - The general DATA CENTER services compose of Civil work, Raised floor, Electric work, Fire suppression system (fm200/Novec1230), Water leak detection, Temperature & humidity Alarm, Security, False Ceiling, networking, Rodent, and Data Center management.

Sky IT Infratech provides the services of completed DATA CENTER solutions. Many standards DATA CENTER have those facilities but the critical DATA CENTER needs the special equipment to serve the continuity operation which Sky IT Infratech provides a service of critical continuous plan for DATA CENTER.

Server Room Interiors: was established more than two decades ago, today, after little more than two decades, the efforts have paid rich dividends.

Interior Design-People spend more time indoors at their workplace, the places of entertainment or shopping and their home. In today's competitive and stressful lifestyle a cheerful, comfortable, soothing interiors and modern design concepts are more meaningful than ever. The creation of innovative and productive interior space designs is at the core of our architectural practice.

Data Center Renovation & Up gradation - we also expert in remodelling the existing design & its structure involves strategic planning and precise assessment of the existing building conditions. We have developed special architectural design skills for the renovating & remodelling the designs of old structures without having to demolish the whole structure and transform the antiquated spaces and building structures into eloquent contemporary design expression.

Electrical and Networking Design - Our designs are very simple and modern according to need and scalable, we are creating unique & modern designs. We endeavour to contrive designs which comfortably accommodate the contemporary lifestyle of the occupants, express their values and personalities, and add to the quality of life. Careful architectural detailing and a quality of spaces is the way we approach each unique design assignment.

Data Center Cooling Solutions – Our approach is simple, we contract the most suitable companies depending on the job and its requirements. If the project is primarily cooling, we would act as principle contractor and co-ordinate the works, however if the main works were of a different discipline we would introduce you to one of our partners, who could then take the lead. This gives you an introduction to a wealth of experience across all the specialisms required for an efficient data centre, ranging from new build to refurbishments. Whether your project is small or large the same level of service is offered with the aim of becoming your long-term service provider.

Project Management and Consultancy – We have developed a task force of dedicated and committed personnel who are skilled to decipher and implement the design instructions with utmost precision and facilitate our client's. Our task force confirm to nothing less than the high standards of construction at competitive prices

Our Product



  1. Access Floor system.(false flooring)
  2. Modular False Ceiling,
  3. Gypsum Partition (Regular and Fire line)
  4. Glass partitions (Regular, Toughened, Fire Rated)
  5. Water Proofing.
  6. Vinyl PVC Flooring,
  7. Wooden Job / Furniture
  8. Modular Furniture
  9. Insulation (floor & Ceiling )
  10. Aluminum Composite Panel (ACP)
  11. Decorative paint work

  1. Automatic Power Factor Panel
  2. Bypass Panel
  3. Capacitor Panel
  4. LT panel
  5. Phase Sequencer Panel
  6. Power Distribution Panel
  7. ACDB (alternating current distribution board
  8. DCDB (direct current distribution board
  9. Electrical cable, Wire (copper & armoured)
  10. Switchgear, aluminium conductor control cables,
  11. AAAC cable conductor,
  12. HT XLPE cables, building wire,
  13. LT XLPE cables, flexible cables,
  14. PVC Insulated winding wire and cables,
  15. Perforated Cable Tray,
  16. Ladder Tray etc.



  1. Rack-mount Transfer Switches
  2. Racks and Accessories
  3. 48U, 42U, 37U, 18U, 15U, 12U, 9U, 6U Racks
  4. Half Height Racks
  5. Open Frame Racks
  6. Cable Management
  7. Mounting Hardware and Shelves
  8. Rack LCD Consoles
  9. KVM Switches

  1. C13-C14
  2. C19-C20
  3. IEC-C16
  4. IEC-C15
  5. Input Plugs - 10Amp
  6. Network Cables
  7. Ethernet Coax Cables
  8. Fibre Optic Cables
  9. Twisted Pair Cables
  10. Modular Connectors
  11. A & V Cables
  12. Audio & Video Cables & Adapters
  13. I & O Device Cables



  1. Basic PDU
  2. Metered Rack PDU
  3. Metered-by-Outlet Rack PDU
  4. Switched Rack PDU
  5. ATS (For Redundant Switch Over)
  6. Modular Power Distribution
  7. Modular Power Accessories

  1. Passive network cabling
  2. Wireless Networking
  3. Wireless Access Points (AP)
  4. Wireless Routers & Gateways
  5. Wireless Cabling & Components
  6. Wireless Switches
  7. Switches & Hubs
  8. Stackable Switches
  9. Standalone Switches



  1. Rack Cooling
  2. InRow Chilled Water
  3. InRow Direct Expansion
  4. InRow Pumped Refrigerant
  5. Row Cooling Accessories
  6. Precision Air conditioner (PAC)
  7. Cassette AC
  8. Comfort AC.
  9. Ceiling Mounted

  1. Tower UPS
  2. Rack mount UPS
  3. Online UPS
  4. 3 Phase UPS Systems
  5. 10kVA,15kVA 20kVA 30kVA 40kVA 60kVA 80kVA 100kVA +
  6. UPS Batteries
  7. UPS Cables
  8. Power Strips
  9. Voltage Regulators
  10. Line Conditioners
  11. Power Inverters
  12. Generators



  1. Lightning Surge Arrester
  2. Switching Surge Arrester
  3. Lightning cum Switching Surge Arrester
  4. Data cum Telecom Surge Arrester
  5. Solar Surge Arrester
  6. ECO Surge Guard

  1. Fire Suppression System
  2. FM200, FE227, Novec1230 and Inner Gen
  3. Rodent Repellent and pest control.
  4. Water leak Detection system.
  5. Fire Detections System
  6. VESDA
  7. Security Cameras
  8. Network Video Recorders
  9. Video Surveillance Components
  10. Network Video Surveillance Cameras
  11. Security Digital Video Recorders
  12. NetBotz Sensors (Temp. & Humidity)
  13. NetBotz Accessories and Cables
  14. NetBotz Rack Accessories
  15. Biometric Security Devices & Components
  16. Detection & Fire & Alarm Systems
  17. Access control system
  18. Bio metric system
  20. BMS etc.



  1. Copper Bonded Electrode
  2. Copper Bonded Rods
  3. Copper Electrode
  4. Gel Earthing Electrode
  5. ECO Earthing
  1. Displays
  2. Monitors
  3. LCD & LED Monitors
  4. Projectors
  5. LCD Projectors
  6. DLP Projectors