Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

A data center is a computer system's most important and Valueable component. At its most basic, the data center is a physical place that houses a computer network's most critical systems, including backup power supplies, air conditioning, and security applications. We're talking a large amount of data here, stored in a large number of computers.
A typical example of a company that almost certainly has a data center is a bank or other kind of financial institution. A bank's data center will have a mainframe or other kind of computer network, on which customers' account information and other data are stored. A university will also have a data center, which includes not only personal information about the university's employees and students, but also information on the university's buildings, construction projects, and physical and intellectual history.

These kinds of data centers contain information that is critical to the continued operation of the bank, university, or other business. Therefore, that data cannot be lost. Security measures surrounding such data centers are usually very strong, as are systems of climate control that keep the data center's computer systems from malfunctioning. Data centers will also almost certainly contain backup computers or mirror drives that protect against massive data loss. Such backup computers or mirror drives are routinely dependent not only on electronic power but also on battery power, so that they can continue to function in the case of an interruption of electronic power

The general design of the structure will be done by an architect who has experience building data centers. Data centers have unique loading, cooling and power requirements that not just any architecture firm should be trusted with. The same goes for general contractors. You will want to choose a general contractor that has built a number of data centers already and will understand the need for power, cooling and cleanliness in the equipment rooms.

The general DATA CENTER services compose of Civil work, Raised floor, Electric work, Fire suppression system, Water leak detection, Temperature & humidity Alarm, Security, networking and Data Center management. FUSIONTECHS provides the services of completed DATA CENTER solution. Many standards DATA CENTER have those facilities but the critical DATA CENTER needs the special equipment to serve the continuity operation which FUSIONTECHS provides a service of critical continuous plan for DATA CENTER.

Civil Work : The room structure and renovation of DATA CENTER makes room look well , strong and full fill with room function. It is a part of our services to make room look nice and clean.
Power System (Generator, Main Distribution Board) : A proper power system, the standard DATA CENTER power supply system, will make a smooth DATA CENTER Operation that means an enough power capacity , secondary power supply and right distribution circuit provide to each location properly and well installation.
UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) : UPS helps all equipment to take load from power system without interruption.The recommendation for UPS is True Online UPS that better Line Interactive UPS or Offline UPS. Many DATA CENTER design a limit time for UPS and use secondary power supply source , like Generator etc, to provide load to UPS during main power fail. This solution is popular in many DATA CENTERs.
Cooling System (Precision Air Condition or Comfort Air Condition) : The temperature and humidity in DATA CENTER needs to be controlled to prevent the electric equipment work-long time. The Air condition in DATA CENTER must be controllable temperature and humidity Air condition which name "PRECISION AIR CONDITION". Precision Air have both upflow and downflow Precision Air depending on environment and room's requirements.
Raised Floor : Raised Floor in DATA CENTER is designed to raised all equipment in DATA CENTER higher for wiring cable (power, LAN) and have a space for blowing cool air to release hot air and make equipment in good operation condition.The height of Raised Floor depends on size of room and environment’s requirement.
Fire Suppression System /Fire Alarm :Automatic Fire Suppression System in DATA CENTER is installed to distinguish Fire in DATA CENTER when it detects Fire. The Fire distinguish material depends standard of DATA CENTER and environment limitation.The Fire System provides many sensor to detect potential Fire or detect only Fire in DATA CENTER.
Water Leak Detection System : In reversal case, many DATA CENTER face a problem of too many water from outside room come in to DATA CENETER and condensed water from Air condition at under raised floor. Water Leak Detection System will let administrator to know that having water under raised floor which may cause a problem of short circuit in power supply.
Security Control (Access Control, CCTV) ::To secure DATA CENTER , Access Control and CCTV are necessary to prevent and trace unauthorized person coming into DATA CENTER. The important thing is to allow only authorized person come in and record person who comes in with authorized person. Also, recording where person do activities in DATA CENTER.
Environment Monitoring (Temperature, Humidity , Failure) :The standard DATA CENTER should have an environment monitoring system to monitor the event in DATA CENTER and alert when event becomes to critical situation such as flood under raised floor , Smoke detection (not fire yet), power failure etc. The best environment monitoring system is DATA CENTER Management. DATA CENTER Management keep all kinds of log and event in DATA CENTER:Power consumption Status of main equipment Security log Environment view and status
Battery Management System : The most important thing in DATA CENTER is to manage cost in Battery tank. Many DATA CENTER has problem in checking Battery efficiency. When it decreases an efficiency, DATA CENTER Manager will remove all Battery and replace all Battery for remaining efficiency. Battery Management System will help large DATA CENTER to manage and replace only inefficiency Battery.
Computer Network (LAN, Wireless) : Sky IT Infratech has a service of network cable wiring inside DATA CENTER and outside DATA CENTER to connect all equipment for data and voice purpose.